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An article about the Chin people in Midland, Texas, U.S. and how this dictionary came to be.
Zoh Recent Posts: Zei tin dah hi Dictionary hi a chuah ning a si.

In 2008, Midland College Adult Education (www.midland.edu) needed a Chin Hakha dictionary but a copy was difficult to find.  This need inspired  volunteers to create this on-line dictionary to help Midland College’s Adult Education teachers and Chin Hakha students learn English . We knew if Midland College Adult Education had a problem of no dictionaries, so did many others. In addition to searching this dictionary online, teachers and learners, please click on the link below to download one of the PDF versions to your computers to use off line or to print for classroom or home use.

Download Hakha Dictionary as PDF

Download Falam Dictionary as PDF

English-Chin Grammar by Van To

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