insipid, flat – Example: Your wine is insipid = Na zu a da


addled eg – Example: I see two addled eggs = Arti da pum hnih ka hmuh


pale – Example: He is sick and pale. – He is terrified and becomes pale = A zaw i a daang. – A thin a phang i a daang


frisk – Example: A policeman frisked me = Palikpa nih a ka dah


fumble, grope – Example: He fumbled in the dark for the flashlight = Mui padap ah dahmei kha a dah

dah , dat

electricity – Example: Our electricity is good these days = Tukar hrawng cu kan dah tha a ttha

dah lo cu

except – Example: He works everyday, except Sunday = Zarhpi dah ti lo cu, nifate rian a tuan

dah lo nih cun

but – Example: No one konws this but me = Keimah dah ti lo nih cun hihi ahohmanh nih an hngal lo