Khuazakip Ah Cafang A Puak Ning

Khuazakip Ah Cafang A Puak Ning (translated by C. Bawi Ceu Mang, Lansing, MI) Midland College Learning Center, 201 W.Florida ah a um mi hi MC main campus i a ṭengge pakhat lawng siloin, mah ṭengge nih hin ramkip cawnnak … Continued

Resources - Chin Hakha (Lai) Language Johannes Lind’s list of Hakha (Lai) resources & grammar explanation. Johannes Lind’s wonderful explanation of pronunciation of Chin Hakha (Lai). Chin Hakha Bible can be useful.

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Thanks a lot to C.Bawi Ceu Mang of Lai Software for his English to Chin (Hakha) Dictionary Application written for Microsoft Windows computers. If you have a poor internet connection, or want instant search results, then download and install this application … Continued

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Download PDF to save the complete Chin (Hakha) Dictionary to your computer or phone for offline viewing and easy printing. We will periodically update this file as new words get added and definitions get updated. English to Chin Hakha Dictionary 01.20.2014 Chin Hakha … Continued