Resources - Chin Hakha (Lai) Language
Johannes Lind’s list of Hakha (Lai) resources & grammar explanation.
Johannes Lind’s wonderful explanation of pronunciation of Chin Hakha (Lai).
Chin Hakha Bible can be useful.

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  1. Maja

    This message may not be legitimate but it may be helpful to someone so use good judgment:
    Hello, I am Maja from YYZ Translations agency. We need a team of Falam Chin linguists ASAP as I have a project of 6000 words. Please reply to if you are available or might help me find the translators.
    Thanks in advance

  2. Chris

    Are there any online language courses for Hakha? (or possible audio/video courses)
    Thank you!

  3. Georgia

    Hello, I am trying to buy a Chin English dictionary. I love this website but I also need to buy a dictionary……thank you for any help.

  4. pwennerlind

    Thank you for offering to help translate. If you read any Chin Hakha messages on this site, please translate them for us because we do not read/translate the Chin languages. We only type them and put them on line to help teachers and students.

  5. Shannon Perry

    Would anyone know of any translators that could translated English to Hakha Chin? We have an immediate need for translation in this language. If anyone would be interested, or know of anyone that provides this service, please email me at

    • Fiakfairok

      Hi.. I’m Hram. I wonder if you’ve found the person who could translated them for you. I’m not that good at English, however if you really need it, I can try or I might ask someone to help me.


  6. Johs. Lind

    Roland Siang Nawl who has written a comprehensive Lai grammar has generously permitted me to transcribe some of his articles to the html format so that they can be seen on the web. I have made links to them from my article language.htm. – This article is now to be found at just like the article about pronunciation also has been moved. – Roland’s articles can help us to a more profound understanding of the Lai language.

  7. pwennerlind
    This URL links to Johannes Lind’s article about his understanding of the Chin Hakha language grammar and an extensive list of linguists’ research papers available on the Internet. Many thanks to Mr. Lind for his tremendous efforts helping the Chin Hakha learn Danish and English, for assisting educators teaching English and for helping us learn more about the Chin Hakha language.


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