1. pawng; e.g. Stand by me = Ka pawngah dir;
2. in; e.g. They came by car = Mawttawka in an ra;
3. a luan cangmi; e.g. Days gone by = Hnulei a luan cangmi caan.
by all means = zeitilei paoh hmanh in tuah ko.
by and by = hmailei ah.
by far = tampi thlau, suaumau; e.g. He is by far the better writer = Amah cu cattial a thiam deuh suaumau.
by hand = kut in ser, put tuah.
by heart = lungchung in, zoh loin.
by no means = zeitilei paoh hmanh in tuah hlah.
by the way = vei mu.
by turns = pakhat hnu pakhat aa chang lengmang in.
by virtue of = cucaah, cu thawngin.