1. vawlei le a cung le a chung i a ummi thil vialte.
2. vawlei cung a uktu sining; e.g. The weather is governed by nature = Khuati cu sining nih a uk.
3. sining; e.g. It is the nature of birds to fly = Vate cu zuan hi an sining a si.
4. minung a serchommi le thlenchommi a si lomi thil; e.g. She loved the wild flowers found in nature = A duhmi pangpar cu minung nih serchommi si loin amah khohdtein a khomi pangpar kkha an si.
5. minung sining; e.g. His father’s nature was lovable = A pa cu a minung sining ah miduhnung a si.