put, swing, a baby to sleep – Example: If you swing a baby it will go to sleep = Nau na awih ahcun aa hngilh lai


be hung on a tree with a rope – Example: He hangs himself with a rope on a tree = Thingkung ah hri in aa awk

awk a si

need – Example: We need to go today = Nihin cu kan kal awk a si

awk a si

must – Example: Man must eat to live = Minungnih nunnak ah rawl a ei awk a si

awk a si

shall – Example: You should try to do better = Ttha deuh in tuahnak zuam awk a si

awk a si

ought – Example: Childlren ought to obey their parents = Ngakchia nih an nu le an pa bia an ngaih awk a si


for the purpose of – Example: It is not fit for the purpose of eating = Ei awkah aa tlak lo