for the purpose of – Example: It is not fit for the purpose of eating = Ei awkah aa tlak lo


on account of – Example: He cannot run on account of pain in his leg = A ke a fah caah a tli kho lo


for – Example: This book is for him = Hi cauk cu amah caah a si


in behalf of – Example: He died in behalf of his friend = A hawi caah a thi

can ah

for – Example: He gave me a new book for the old one = Cauk hlun can ah khan a thar pakhat a ka pek


except – Example: Come here except on Sunday = Zarhpi ni chimloin ni dang ah ra

chung , chungah

within – Example: You cannot see what is within your stomach = Na paw chung i a ummi cu na hmu kho lo


in – Example: We live in a house = Inn chungah kan um