insofar as

tiangah cun; e.g. Insofar as I know, he has gone home = Ka hngalh tiangah cun, inn ah a tin cang.


a si sual nakhnga lo; e.g. Be careful lest you fall from the tree = I ralring, cu lo ahcun, thingkung cung khan na tla sual lai.


tuah lo lei lenghternak; e.g. He neither drinks nor smokes = Zu zong a ding lo, kuak zong a zu lo.


‘neither‘ he lawng hman khawh a si i lo tinak a si; e.g. He has neither father nor mother = Nu zong a ngei lo, pa zong a ngei lo.


cangka in, hnu cun; e.g. Once you hear the song, you will never forget it = Hla cu voi khat na theih hnu cun, na philh ti lai lo.


asiloah; e.g. Edith or Mary will go = Edith asiloah Mary a kal lai.
either or = chingchang/asiloah; e.g. Either Edith or Mary will go = Edith asiloah Mary pakhat chingchang an kal lai.


cuti a si ahcun cuti cun a si lai


1. hnu; e.g. Charles works hard since he left school = Charles cu sianginn a kai ti lo hnu in rian fak piin a ttuan.
2. hnu cu; e.g. He has been home only once since he went to London = London a kal hnu cu voi khat lawng inn ah a tlung.
3. caah; e.g. Since you feel tired you should rest = Na bat caah naa dinh awk a si.


cucaah; e.g. Jack went to bed early so he got plenty of sleep = Jack cu tuan tein a it, cucaah tampi aa hngilh.