1. he; e.g. He goes with him = Amah he a kal.
2. sin; e.g. Come with me = Ka sinah ra.
3. lakah, chungah; e.g. They will mix with the crowd = Zapi lakah, an i cawh lai.
4. a ngeimi; e.g. Mr. Jones is a man with brains = Mr. Jones cu thluak ngeimi a si.
5. rup in; e.g. The army’s power increases with its size – Ralkap tthawnnak cu a mi an tam rup in a tthang ve.
6. umtuning he aa pehtlai in; e.g. We are pleased with the house = Inn cu kan duh ngai ko.
7. langhter; e.g. Work with care = Ralrinnak langhter bu tein ttuan (ralring tein ttuan).
8. in; e.g. The man cut the meat with a knife = Mipa nih sa cu nam in a can.
9. ruangah, caah; e.g. The man almost died with thirst = Tihal ruangah a thil dengmang.
10. sinin i tthen; e.g. I hate to part with my friends = Ka hawile he (sinin) i tthen ka duh lo.
11. i doh i ral; e.g. The English fought with the Germans = Mirang cu Germany mi he an i do.


1. a leng a si lo, a hlei a si lo; e.g. The task was within the man’s power = Rian cu a tuah khawh len a si lo.
2. chung, chungah; e.g. You cannot see what is within your stomach = Na paw chung i a ummi cu na hmu kho lo.


1. loin;e.g. I drink tea without sugar = Thanthling loin lakphak ka din.
2. ngei loin, ding loin, ei loin; e.g. Eat what is on the table or go without = Cabuai cung i a ummi kha ei, a si lo le ei loin kal ko.