hahter , tuai

temper – Example: He tempered the steel by heating and dropping it in water = Thir cu a linh i ti chung i a thlak khi

hai , hei

wave hand or something – Example: He waves his hand continuously = A kut a hei lengmang


get stuck – Example: A bone gets stuck in his throat = Saruh a hak


be in the lurch – Example: He is in the lurch = Aa tarta hak


choke – Example: He was choking on a piece of meat = Sa a hak

hak , hah

hard – Example: A stone is durable because it is hard. – He is hardhearted (stubborn) = Lung cu a hah caah a fek. – A lung a hak

hak (haak)

preserve – Example: They could not preserve the land (forest) and it gets all burnt = Ram an hak kho lo i a kang dih