halh , hal

break ground for a field or house – Example: I broke ground for a field yesterday = Nizan ah lo ka halh


breaking ground for field/house – Example: It has been two years since I broke ground for this house site = Hi innhmun ka halhnak hi kum hnih a si cang


choose for onself – Example: I choose this book for myself = Hi cauk hi kaa ham


be jealous (of husband or wife) – Example: She is too jealous of her husband = A va a ham tuk


engaged – Example: Hermes and Mary are engaged = Hermes le Mary cu kan i thi lai tiah an i ham

ham , hamh

yawn – Example: He is drowsy and he yawns = A mit a ku i a ham lengmang


hypnotize, cast spell – Example: The Chins believe python can charm people (to kill) = Laimi nih lim nih mi a hamh khawh tiah an zumh