a leng zohnak i a hman ko a lomi; e.g. Apparently they are good friends = A leng zohnak ahcun hawi ttha an si ko.


lungthawh , huamnak , zuamnak a ngeimi


a velchum in


1. tluk; e.g. She is as pretty as her mother = A nu tluk in aa dawh.
2. tahchunhnak ah, bantuk; e.g. Some work as carpentry is very tiresome = Lehtama rian bantuk hna hi rian har a si;
as far as, so far as = tiangah; e.g. As far as I know = Ka hngalh tiangah;
just as well = e.g. Since our friends didn’t turn up, we may just as well go home = Kan hawile an rat lo caah inn i kan kir zongah a ttha ko lai; e.g. Our fishing expedition was ruined by bad weather. We might just as well have stayed at home = Kan tiva kal cu ruahpi nih a kan rawk, inn ah khan rak um deuh awk men kan rak si.
as well as = e.g. He gave me rice as well as salt = Facang a ka pek i cite zong a ka pek chih.


tiva kam, rili kam


khattelei kam i chiah; e.g. He put the book aside = Cuak kha khatlei kam ah a chiah (a rel ti lo); e.g. He turned aside = Khatlei ah aa mer.


zumh lo nawn i zoh , ngiat


a sir in


tthen , hmundang dang i chiah


a hla, a hlatnak i kal; e.g. The bird flew away = Vate cu a zuang diam.