1. cahmai; e.g. One page = Cahmai pakhat;  e.g. He can read fifty pages in one sitting = Voi khat tthut ah cahmai sawm nga a rel khawh;
2. capetu nganchiapa, sinum.


min in auh i kawl; e.g. A messenger paged a doctor in the hotel dining room = Hotel i rawl cinak khan ah lamkaltu pa nih, sibawipa a um maw, tiah a au i a kawl.


thuam dawh ngaiin i thuamh i a bupi in zoh nuam an tuahmi




past tense and past participle of pay, phaisa pek, lahkhah pek; e.g. Do you have a paper to show that you have paid the tax = Ngunkhuai na pek cang nak ttialmi ca na ngei maw?


baltin;  e.g. Fill the pail with water = Baltin kha ti rawn.


1. fahnak; e.g. Some medicines are given to deaden the pain = A fahnak daihter awkah si an pek.
2. lungfahnak.
take pains: zuam, teimak tein tuah; e.g. He took pains to please his teacher = A sayapa lunglawmhter awkah fak piin aa zuam.


fahter; e.g. Does your wound pain you = Na hma nih an fahter maw?


a fakmi; e.g. The wound festered and became painful = Hma cu hnai a khuar i a fak.